when - June 28, 2020 - JuLY 3, 2020 


where - cornerstone Baptist church

113 hwy 205 Terrell tx, 75160 

Time - 10:40 am sunday morning

10:40 am - Pastor Randy Tyler, Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Ada, OK - Sermon


5:00 pm - Steven Ger, Sojourner Ministries, Garland, TX - Lecturer

6:00 pm - Elder David Morris, Knightdale, NC - Sermon

*** SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT *** Presented by Michelle Thomas/Karen Saxon/Jarvis Menifee and The Choir - 7:30 pm

            • 6:00 pm (mOnday - Friday Evening) and

              9:00 am (Tuesday - Thursday morning)

              Make plans to attend ---- we hope to see you there -

              No Cost to Attend - Food will be served Tues - Thurs at noon 

              but if you are attending we ask that you please Register by clicking the register button at the very bottom

              ***There will be no offering period during the morning or evening services - if you desire to support this work you can do so by making a donation on this page or by mailing a check or money order payable to The Saints Chapel to: P.O. Box 850063, Mesquite, TX 75185. There will also be a place at the church during the services where you can give donations. Thank you for your prayers and support. *** 

              for general questions or special arrangements, Please call 903-948-9000

              Below is a list of lecturers, their topics, and preachers  

            • Lecturers 

              steven ger

              sojourner ministries -  garland, tx ----- (sunday night) - Topic:  TBD

              Pastor Yuri Solomon (tuesday & wed morning)

              New life Baptist church, Houston, TX ----- Scriptures:  TBD

              Elder Mack Paul (Thursday morning)

              Greater Galilee Baptist church, Houston, TX ----- Scriptures: TBD

              elder roger skepple (Tuesday and Friday evening)

              berean bible Baptist church, Atlanta, Ga ----- Topic:  the kingdom of god/heaven 

              elder jim mcclarty (wed and ThurSDAY evening)

              grace Christian assembly, smyrna, Tn ----- Topic:  the kingdom of god/heaven 


            Sunday June 23, 2019

             10:40 am Pastor Randy Tyler - Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Ada, OK

            Monday June 24, 2019

            6:00 pm Bro. Mike Black - Whitfield Bible Study, Oklahoma City, OK

            8:00 pm Bro. Dan Duncan - Believers Chapel, Dallas, TX

            Tuesday June 25, 2019 
          9:00 am Elder Alton Pickett Jr -  New Christian Life Church, Lebanon, TN

     10:00 am Pastor Yuri Solomon - New Life Baptist Church, Houston, TX                 

     11:00 am Elder Sean Kennedy - New Christian Life Church, Lebanon, TN

      8:00 pm Pastor Nicholas Esch - Cornerstone Baptist Church, Terrell, TX 

     Wednesday June 26, 2019 

            9:00 am Elder Eric Waldon - Mt. Hermon Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH

            10:00 am Elder Yuri Solomon - New Life Baptist Church, Houston TX

            11:00 am Minister Gregg Wren II - The Saints Chapel, Mesquite, TX

            8:00 pm Elder David Morris - Knightdale, NC

            Thursday June 27, 2019 

            9:00 am Elder Wayne Cornelius - Main Street Baptist Church, Lexington, KY

            10:00 am Elder Mack Paul - Greater Galilee Baptist Church, Houston, TX

            11:00 am Elder Robert Spickard - Hamilton Chapel Church, Gladeville TN 

            8:00 pm   Elder Eddie Jacks - Resurrected Baptist Church, Chattanooga TN        

            Friday June 28, 2019

            8:00 pm  Elder Keelan Atkinson - Word Fellowship Reformed Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC                                                                                                                                                                               

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